SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
Raise Your Visibility on Google

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about attempting to improve your search engine rankings. Search Engine Optimisation focuses on improving your website’s visibility for unpaid (also known as natural or organic) results.

For most people the search engine that matters is Google. There’s a good reason for this; Google have a 90% share of the search engine market in the UK so it makes perfect sense to optimise your website to get the best rankings on Google.

Types of SEO

"White Hat" SEO

White Hat SEO uses techniques and methods to improve the search engine rankings of a website.

Examples of this ethical SEO are:

  • Developing well written, high quality content
  • Good layout; well structured, user-friendly and intuitive navigation
  • Careful selection of relevant key words and phrases - displayed clearly and prominently - without excessive repetition.
  • Mobile-friendly, responsive web design, which enables visitors to view your website on any device
  • High-quality external links and clean, optimised website HTML
  • Using Google+, Google Business & Google Maps to raise your profile

With “White Hat” SEO you should see a steady, gradual improvement in your Google rankings.

"Black Hat" SEO

Black Hat SEO uses aggressive techniques and methods that focus only on search engines results and not a human audience, and can often fall foul of search engines guidelines.This strategy can get your site blacklisted on Google.

Examples of this unethical SEO are:

  • Repetitive content with key phrases repeated constantly and inappropriately
  • Cloaking or hiding text that contains key words and phrases, especially if they do not relate to your products or services
  • Link schemes - use of external links pointing to your website from unrelated websites

This strategy can result in a rapid rise up the rankings but is unlikely to provide any lasting improvements, could get your website banned from the search engines, and won’t provide real people visiting you website with a very good experience.